Liberty and Sex

Democratic lovemaking has to be the best thing since sliced bread and prophylactic undertakings. Every party concerned has their say, their action, their One Up vote, and their own hub.

No one gets hurt (or rather, no one gets what they don’t particularly want) and no one gets a little bundle of joy.

How is this possible, you say? Well fuckhaw, I’ve not figured it out yet, but I do know the dangers of a democratic society! My Model UN group was assigned Cuba as our country, and it was their bright idea to abolish their communist state so we could, with the help of the “US,” set up a mirror of our own government.

I for one want to smoke a fucking decent cigar without being fucked with, on trade embargoes and other such political nonsense. But, if I could suggest sterilizing the AIDS ridden Swazi, surely I can cope with some political fuckup on a miniature scale and just nod Yes, Yes.

Pale Fire



The Road

Plate Tectonics

Buffalo Rhetoric


Strunk and White

living the feeble monster

Essay for english 1.31.08

Camus–The Stranger

Naked Lunch


Toni Morrison — Beloved

Tropic of Cancer

Ender’s Game — Scott Card

Ender’s Game — Scott Card (txt)

Bulgakov–Master and Margarita


~ by Jeremy on October 8, 2007.

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