Thus, Speak the Chromograph (Eleni Sikelianos)

Saying: One night in a cloud chamber

I discovered a thing: that a thing (I used to have a crown 

of light) a thing could be more 

than True, and more again

than False, a thing 

could carry its name

with a ticket of lights 

called Possible: In a cloud chamber, particles are betrayed

by movement and water vapors

leave trails. Discovered: when matter and its antithesis come

together, a disappearing

flash of light: (our share of night to 

ear) (I mean what I say): In contempt 

of the Law of All 

Excluded Thirds: laws are not

symmetrical in the forward and the back 

(of time). On which side

are they stacked? and the sky also

(is what made Hart Crane 

so crazy in the heart) continued to pile up

clouds without account, a mass of gasses with nothing

scribbled under them; a song in the middle 

of the crystal 

cavatina. We hardly had any bones then. Did 

Hart Crane have bones? If so, which kind? And

how far down? It was written

in the boned hours, the Book of Weeds, a treatise on leaving

the house at dusk, when all buildings have already had time enough

to fit themselves back into shadows. As if there were only:

dusk-to-dusk, between dusk-and-dust

where no animals asserted themselves

as separate from the day, and the night

comes again, as it always                                                              

has done. The fact was that

I could not follow the map––because the Book

of Nature was written

in math’s un-

certain language, author of black

rains, why the naked



can see

between math’s limits


a baby’s bones are soft

as pudding when first let out

of the water & take

a long time

to harden, you can flatten 

a newborn

’s skull by placing it

on a board, the death-hole

of the cranium takes

6 months to close

and then grow brittle

In describing the last

arc of the last 

circumferance: I miss(ed) that halo.

(How long it took to understand rivers

run toward the sea)

~ by Jeremy on March 10, 2008.

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