Trim and Succor

Maybe a series, maybe not, depends on how stupid the fucking masses of the internet are and how many stupid fucking cunts feel the need to insert their ignorance.


Cradled underneath the stomach, one on the left,
   oh is that noise something nice,
   watch the two go at it, blood, little bloods
   pimple of her adorned rift and target bullseye
   in a sack and a puddle of mud
the red heart shimmers but in ten minutes
the beating turd dusts the floors,
the door opens and the bayou wipes its hand over the people

Fat man running into the pond
two fish and two bricks and two tires in his pants,
and dough he wrapped a valant bow about his legs
   that sound is something nice,
   what is heard from the paper walls
   in the tenements and the mansions and the trucks
   the target bullseye and the tired swimmer
   spending himself in a goodathalon


~ by Jeremy on July 22, 2008.

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