Nude up to ankles

Another digable about africa, I suppose. Fun to waste time with.


Smutlip queen jack this rift
Plump breast aren’t you blondie corporate chicken
Steroid feel-up on your broken tennis knee
Holy ghost roam folks squat pissing in ninetynine degrees
Pussymash on their breath
Left hands dustrags and turkey pickles
Foot slips randy on the rotten
No love roaming but we’ve forgotten the brandywine
Wipe the dirt from your skirt
Spread the cleft for the possessors and the deft men
Adept at theft
Goats chew and zebras flee,
Paleman takes and calls it free
Shaved glass in your ice cream
Don’t want another field of vultures
Just me and mine our brothers and cultures
Tell what’s on your tongue Geronimo plunge
Feast of the leopard
Release a thunder in the dry stillborn
In the acorn revolution nothing but spit
Bubbling eyes and the shit and the thump
Reminds baby-child of pig rump filth
Get with this vista watch saints suck sinners
Footstep patter on the paved trail
Against the wind pissing on the pines
Like mail for the starving and fines for the full
Do nothing all day but ravage and cull the dirty
A hundred thirty plants
Forty five days to dance
Sixteen years left until I return to Dadapoet’s pants
To jostle in his shorts with my cohorts
Build in his rink a fort of brillow pads
Brittle ships to sink and sunken bellies
Come we on iron birds and look
Under your feet the little ants bleed skeptically
Too afraid to let it come to nature’s middlewaist
Fast gunpop riddle of the night do we screw
Or let our baby’s face squeeze until the worms pinch her blue
Dwellers to the ditch
Coo her black heart and swell her mudpuddles thick

~ by Jeremy on August 14, 2008.

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