Guv went blind

Not my usual collection of poetic choices, but I’m listening to Braintax’s Biro Funk and his themes are quite inspiring. This is reliant on Escuchame, one of the album tracks. The formatting is basic, the rhythm even moreso, piss happens.

In the welfare line hunting for the deer's paper 
and the fallen stamps, shuffling like a fifth-day drunk
toward the leathery tramp and a forward looking bunk
going apeshit with the other monkeymen crawling to the traps
busting berries in their mouths scrambling for a poison that lasts

Remember a century ago when the kids weren't yellow
basted with the mucus from the walking space gallows
yes and the beaches then lied for miles, it's all illusion now
five months until the overlord's arrival and the fall of our survival
in the midst of flies we cower over our honey
for warmth money naught no more in the heavy swarm

I found this hole in the ground making noise alone
not a sound, haven't heard a phone in too long nor my voice
cracking bones for the marrow--should've made the wrong choice
of the red pill, right time, long lines now at the free-lines
scratching at the rash on my forehead, says Freedman
humming I'm still human at least
and I repress and molest the mark of the beast

~ by Jeremy on September 7, 2008.

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