Anatomy of Female Proteins

Women mature food inside
Eat the yeast from her beast
Sweep it under the rug
Jab the mammary and churn butter
Let her monthly be an ounce of chutney
Tongue-ring a pop tab
Run her up a flagpole of placenta
Color it magenta and the aftertaste is bitter
Uterus spoils if left out in the cold
Aged forty years the grapes pluck from dead rot
Yielded to mold and the black estrus
Of the menopause tomorrow and the following emesis
Waterfalling red from her slot of genesis
Where all womanisers and winos come from
Make their mothers mothers of the slum
Sorry they let their third terms become bad seed sons
Wish instead they wormed fifteen calories of cum
Left the drunk in the petri bowl, left to yolk and run
The tumor in her bloomer is plum
A hungry man can grab a fork and eat some


~ by Jeremy on October 24, 2008.

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