Albacore swims and I swim

Muscle relaxants are an under-rated mood alterer, this was more pleasant than anything opioid.

Hardly a woman writes a check
Man in the polo scratches his neck
Counts every penny to buy cigarettes

Oh, home is cheap and I didn’t believe
The place was so bad
When I got so sick, oh, I had to leave
The house with verdigris sides

Churned the grease of my candle wicks
Asked the clock and it told me to bide
Reuse them for wider sticks

To burn when the lights
Already expensive
Go dim and blank out and, oh, my girl is pensive

Influence is the garment of the dunce
Worn without laundry, Goodwill sold it once
Influence is the garment of the book

Now who’s the pawn and who’s the rook
Whose blood, the boy’s or the gun’s
Whose hole in the wall
lave and wood and the price falls

A hundred a month can abort a mistake
My mother was broke
Poorer yet in oak
Moved deeper but I wish I could

Make pennies by my hands and the rake

Sustenance down the slope of my throat
Bluesy by that bedside moat
To protect the bedbugs from the lice
Let them live in paradise,
Let them die their own flaccid choke

Ruin is the tool of the dead

Ruin reminds schoolchildren who read
Their books and their tedium and their walk home
Colorblinded by parents with nary a cone

In a glass house everybody throws stones
Who’s in the pantry, forever to roam
Now who’s in the home, oh, who’s in the home

Treat your longhaired friends
When they get the bends
In a public place, oh, the first taste
Drunk too much, their parents’ disgrace

Who bled for the nation
Who bled for the waste of prison
Listen, listen while you have your ears
Writers slept in constant fear
Riders rung a bell but we didn’t hear

You young people have killed
The smallest of your portions
A social contortion

Too weak-willed, too intent on being artistic
Your brains far-gone and ballistic
The girl draped in blue’s an abusive romantic

Bluesy, truancy, you audience clap
You audience palm another reason

Fill up your palms with clinical psalms
And the meaning of feet lets you ease and
Your eyes, all of you, see me on a stool
Tomorrow, in the evening, I could rule
I’m not careful

No, I’m not careful
So give me an earful

Told me I’m old and drowned in a pool
When swimming too late,
Jumped over the gate with no rhyme or reason

People under the weather
Sick and displeasured
Forget you, their legacy and meaning

Father of your own body
Father of your own mind
But you exist solely for eating

& somebody lied in the Garden of Eden


~ by Jeremy on April 7, 2009.

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