In hope of purchase

Violent winter’s marshal stomach
leaps ninetylegged and stout,
falls to drink and begins a song
whose earlobes are sat upon
in the bodies of hot sound
cuffing the outside dumb.
Soon will come gifts of filth
thrown like animals to largely animals
from everything above a ceiling
or a forehead or two together,
above the lurching necks of those gone.
Naked and serving dinner
to a thief in a little thigh
where grows like boys a tallish
hut on its diet of people
says he, he didn’t scuff my heirlooms,
the loons watching lakebottom silent
as they give themselves around footprints.

~ by Jeremy on October 10, 2009.

One Response to “In hope of purchase”

  1. Great piece. Has its morbid charm.

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