Where finding where

Posing this he went along
his dusty path and sat.
Nowhere could his baby rest.

Nor could he kick up a name
for his new brother, his papoose
sagging in the rough.

Even wolves struck noseless
walked steady fourfooted
in the dragging path.

Behind them bears. Behind them
a mother pallid this morning
searching carefully, noiselessly.


Wondering about the passivity in this piece. Shed off my disdain of passivity, now less tightly gripping. Also, unsure how noticeable the temporal shift in the final strophe is.


~ by Jeremy on April 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Where finding where”

  1. This poem is crazy!…comon Man…Nice one.

  2. oh what a wicked cool poem…all journeying together to get where…

  3. Wow- what a picture you paint with words

  4. I sense a trick at work.

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