Then pushing nerves

All olives to you
but my drug is indeed
someone sitting near a weed.
Lifting him up then down
I’d like to be stronger
to lift his body’s part the longer.
The forest will never care
what I do to him unless
we forget our minds when we undress.
Then together by the jackals
like back in the city
we will be food for people’s pity.
But he contorts in the mouth
with me of a predator
holding our forest in tender war.
It burns us for fragrance,
we together naked and alight
in this the long bending-over night.


Dedicated, as if it matters, to a friend of mine.

Same criteria regarding comments applies: if you have nothing insightful to say, whether kind or destructive, say nothing at all. I will not tolerate comments like “this is good.” I know it’s probably good; I wrote it.


~ by Jeremy on May 13, 2010.

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