A thorough valium

Some brick that is,
was a fierce woman once
who threw her legs from under
her uterus, now sits at home,
orders her old food
& the man peeks in every
now and then to hear her breath
if it ceases, hopes it ceases,
once was eight minutes late
and fell asleep on her porch
waiting for the smell.
Underneath the smell that came
that final summer day
he walked slowly, knew
the locks were locked,
he the key, inside a morsel
of a woman he had once
but crippled with his music
that, like any adolescence,
broke the dust from their moon
& mailed it back to the earthy home
from where came clay and the rest.


~ by Jeremy on August 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “A thorough valium”

  1. Why are you angry, Jeremy?

  2. ‘Cause I don’t get to see the hundred million stupid bitches in the world.

    I only get to see half.

  3. I hope your mother is okay.

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