Held a stutter

Learned euthermia not from
a lowly leather tome nor the weed
that fed that body-digging mud
hot enough to burn them down to bed,
learned euthermia from what I laid on instead.
Oh the supply of psychiatry
over bootstrap and stretch,
on a hook then like a hand
scooping up its arm from Pazuzu,
as I remember it, euthermia from you.
And other fools who dragged themselves
out the tar-pits what god laid on
& threw what was left for the earth,
who hums, whose humming heartbeat
feels now a concert like this one ought,
knows it once was laid on then was not.


~ by Jeremy on September 17, 2010.

One Response to “Held a stutter”

  1. God, I missed your poetry.

    Love you.

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