An impermanent need

That shallow conquering shell
grows and spews into its endosperm.
A man’s rib threw out
the meadow of its other half
that it walks along breathing deep
in a third of toxin it will see.
It has a throat, them, all three,
sows a good row of dust along
the curves of roe and salt
who match each throbbing throng
until a deaf wave of what frogs make
shoot their line into a wall
and bury their brainless heads hard,
and there lies an ovary made of lime.
All who turn again to salt will
never walk or thrust or spill
into the oceans which once expanded
the inert into the ert to dead.


Revise final line into “the inert into ignorant to dead…” or “the inert into vertical to dead.” Or “the inert into the earth to dead.”


~ by Jeremy on November 25, 2010.

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