How to make a humanoid

Oh fuck you cattle feel him
already or touch up his cheeks
with natural gloss. The Romans
thought it the highest order
of parentage, where the youngest
laid upon the oldest and bucked.
Abduction or not, all are sinners,
all are skinny in the eyes of fat
and dead in the arms of death.
Correct? Therefore, disrespect
these rooting chickens who cluck
instead as you lay on men like silk,
the finest as is said. No, instead
feel them up and nod away. Nod and nod
until the new day comes and you do too.
Gather up your fibers and the rods
of what will entice your neurons
into seizure and beg your morals gone.
It is nature made to stand tall
on two legs then four intertwined
as mouths seize mouths and maul.
They know hunger, and they dine.

~ by Jeremy on January 11, 2011.

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