No senses five

If you can’t spend money
you spend your time feeling things
like deaf or blind or noseless babes
learning what sight is for once,
or how countries smell so far away
but for poverty I think it is no different.
Know money smells a certain way,
know people smell, or curtains smell
and interfering there I smell interference.
A bathroom door unlocks, assholes
unlock too and so smell those souls
though I’ve got five or more senses and I
upregulate for my certain poverty.
How gold never degrades, how youth fades,
that same sensation is what I know.
It is of people, and although
I twitch my nose at shit and perk my ears
as they babble, I do not follow
how they count the worlds in their fingertips.
I fathom dark seas and oceans who
have faces there down and deep,
like who I talk to, or those fallow
fields of conversation that reap nothing.
It is poverty a human exhales upon
or out as it learns about what it fawns over.


~ by Jeremy on January 12, 2011.

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