Constant vibration as I climb and climax

Morning isn’t complete until the monk
lying on you forgets your body, masturbates
as you listen intently to his breath
itself like lounge music, like what your ears
endured on the first date but was not for music,
was the night, was drunk drivers killing,
was a bible reading handjob, and you know hands
because you know mine and that’s all you know
or need to, how a starver knows food,
how filthy knows water hotter than what I put on you
as you gasp and I recline forward
on my bed your chest your stomach to stroke
the bag of fluid hanged there.


~ by Jeremy on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “Constant vibration as I climb and climax”

  1. Piss on class, this is what I’d rather do, write what I’d need and want rather than write about what I don’t.

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