Hushing your spread

Sex! Meeting like the deal dealers
sell, and on your deathbed the single
smell you’ll smell is what you thought of fish.
If I were a person I would gift you
a servitude to pleasure, instead will gift
boxes wrapped in words you cannot unwrap.
Scream would you? Grow up too
in a bathtub with families in the thousands,
think them themes, think them siblings
who know how it is to throw their stomachs
onto either you or toilets and still make you smile.
Since they do. Or tell me otherwise
as the bible does that my erections are wasted
on visions of what you lady lad envision.
Just muscular plants and muscular forms
the world over thought of first and I robbed
as if my head bobbed on lower darker hills.


~ by Jeremy on January 14, 2011.

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