A curious exchange of places in time

You took that from your sister and we forgive
sins as much as any mother and father would.
Abominable though a predicament you’re in
you are only an abomination if starving
in all manner of ways bothers or bores you.
Carrying your flask in your back pocket
attracts the attention you seek, you eat
instead of my home cooking. Wishes best,
the woman who will always love you.

Son, what is it you were doing with that boy
out by my door where I can’t hear
well enough to destroy all your time thus far?
Your mother, she took to drinking lately
and it’s all she mentions, and as I mention
what you’re up to she turns alkaline
like dish-water. Which, by the way,
piles up in the sink as I write this
and you know well my hands don’t touch it.

Dear loves. I am doing well. Stop.
I am meeting people. Stop.
I must ask you—Stop.
to take care of yourselves. Stop.
I met someone. Stop.
He died. Stop.
Love and wishes best. Stop.


~ by Jeremy on January 16, 2011.

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