An honest thanks and thin jacket

I don’t want to die in the woods
of Knoxville or near mountains
where that bootlegger bootlegs.
I’ll buy you one, though,
if you speak like I’m your brother
killed in Vietnam as you watched,
and if you buy it where
the pale fat load called woman
doesn’t see again. You just
got out of prison for murder?
Have a Marlboro on my dime,
beg them, I know where from
the cold gets into you like
worms from water in your head.
I got you. And your friend
in that camouflage suit hides
from fat-assed police yeah?
Green beret who killed VC
smiling as he did so, I bet,
he can have one too. Money
grows in the pockets of kids,
pluck it, take all you want
if I can buy your conversation,
not your knife, not the razor
on the back of the tongue
you entertain me with
like the silk
of female grace
or this wine you made
in a bush you can’t smoke around
if you don’t want
the city boomed.


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~ by Jeremy on January 28, 2011.

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