131 Morning breaths

Wheezes and cowlicks
dawn when
you yawn alone—

cloister of mothers—

The ash room
Italian chicken cuts

Facial hair
no more
ugly mirrors—

Weight in rubles
stacked under
sinking wheels—

Nervous girl
next to me
finally smiles—

Pages of Shakespeare
sweet kid
needs diagnosis—

what went up
was laced man—

Breathing is
the luxury
of finer men—

Joke’s on the lad-
der soldier
I caliber boulders—

Man should know
his friend
not his face—

Dead poet
pan-communist parties—

Mirrors are but
half sword
half old age—

Musk in
nostril of
my elephant—

Drink floor
your tongue
can lap more—

Where has the bottle
went off
to score this hour?—

Observance of
funeral procession
by queer park—

Fireman kisses
his credentials
drowns, Orlando—

Boy in the bull
mother must
really love me—

How can one think
with flowers
calling to him?—

Did first evil
think tercets
concentrated his—

Shall only six
bear triplets
also groans?—

Daughter her pervert
dries like
Tuscan tomatoes dry—

new oldest town
village clan hut hole—

Hail stops
starts, I
smoke a jay—

Know stranger
saw him piss
asked me the time—

Rotten caesar
need Lucky Strike
hungry enough-like—

May ask baby
cousin if house
has food in it—

Blue balls mist
Smokies blowing
downtown Eucharist—

Psalm John’s palm
cut sour wrong
pay the almsman—

Progress first bus
sweating toddler
mother in absentia

Bangs heel
screams hell when
run over—

Feel no pain
fall off
a gutter then?—

The holes are
good epileptic—

Mold you grow
in seawater
in nut barnacles—

Baby boy
kind eyes such
too many eggs fried—

Apartment leased
square feet
obese man fits—

Year on campus
know most—

Bald anxiety
in the tangle
of showering—

Patents as
knowable as
invented sperm—

18 years
of honest hours
forgetting forgetting—

The static doze
of staring
last bump—

What is the name
shit under nails
has there?—

Do you read
when young or
smile at birds?—

Do you notice
shit smears

Do you can you
listen to
my dead relatives too?—

Does this car
move a little
more inches—

Love the hair
broad over
the hatched earth—

Signal from roaches
we come in peace

Signal from female
my water
is irradiated water—

In the flash
I boil
crusted lifeform—

color of
burning sun—

Pinwheel brain
stops moving
the sighs—

Blank chalk face
at cat
of ninetails—

Child smells
stale like hands
working Hidalgo—

Orgasm moment
same as
polar splash—

I must like
looking crazy
by myself—

Chess is luck
like monsoons are
always sad—

Monsters matey
they are where
you can’t meet—

The scratch
pencils make
like furied rats—

In my body
arteries of
smuggling foreigners—

Tokens, litter
theories smart
winos leave—

Make way
I’ll pray as
a boy with diarrhea—

Rain in bath
all night
idiot Swede landlord—

Tradition is
steak cooling where
one finds sex—

I know
I like how those
shadow people throb—

bend over
old locust sky—

Girl outside
dark garage
light around both—

starving stomach
aging Buick—

Slums oh
that I build
cantankerous body—

Fuck, the winter
freak mean weather—

Holy Bible
cheap paper
harsh hit marathoner—

Former skin
popper in
unnatural melatonin—

Grease of
no showers
in young creases—

Sex near
playgrounds where ghosts
piddle talk—

Run sunshine
I come
to kill some—

Clinging scarf
friend hides
and seeks—

Chill and burr
sodium yellow
by eighteen wheeler—

Hot shot
I see wrinkles
you wear already—

Skim of heat
inside hearts
fornicators hold—

Man that is
odd summer
down down there—

Fields, skeletons
are wild eyed

Young skin
nervous on
too many Snickers—

crawl about
in angry deep—

Irregular faces
that ignite
green disgust—

limbs will find
evidence of touch—

Albumin puddle
scorched in
Mexican July—

Wafts creep
near the creeps
making smells—

The belly
does not hear
smirk on head—

Latex on latex
cough symphony

Belittled lungs
of drooling labor—

yard work for
frigid wife—

Demons pass out
pamphlets about
you now—

Dictionary of
black market
speechless injuries—

Hauled into man
the seawater
of folding fear—

Clitoris baking
on miserable
former model—

Is there a
receipt for
worlds I inherit?—

Old Ones nebula
residence how
bridges topple—

Meat, too heavy
the drawl of
hustling boogeymen—

Scattered coins
evil eye from
a lone dollar—

Stink of
so few the ibis—

Indents in
pre-teen faces
second sunset straight—

Congealed retinas
of long blind

Clustered around
fumes of Pruno
milk bags boom—

Shrunken heads
I press upon
dust from Borneo—

Sleeping on
benches next to
dead men—

A shoulder
in a party
not your own—

Family of basilisks
taken stimulants
entropy of hotels—

The psychosis
people find
in children—

Mad hour
mad second
second orgasm—

Die like a man
could in
the feces he made—

Glossy film
kids skitter off—

The alphabet
ants carry in
mouths of murder—

What you learned
by drowning
in conception—

Kidding ends
when killing begins
stroking it then—

Dark continent
between neighbors
heads in moat—

Beer in blood
feels better
than blood—

Senses can
turn tricks in
my plots—

Gin in a cup
goes well
with the river—

I hear
black of morning
my father appear—

Covered in wounds
Jesus asks
et tu, Brute?—

Dog in heat
child in heat

Bum lost arm
in flood
I heard about—

Campfires are
witness to
swinging oak branches—

Passing out
bathroom cleaned noon
about three now—

Tunnel of mucus
ancient as

Bach outside
educated man’s

Ignorant clothes
cover lithe
ignorant Greyhound—

the sight of
accidental sex—

Much more time
now that I
stopped to rhyme—

Early toothbrush
after early
best cigarette—


~ by Jeremy on March 30, 2011.

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