The trinity lines 139

Prelude to
a camel fuse
that hurries—

And Earth pleases
itself on
its newborn cliffs—

The hot boom
of people crawling
out of holes—

There we are
the dots
on larger dots—

Somewhere is born
a special king
with gilded lung—

A star sprinter
mangles its way
through churning sky—

The man that
buried his boy
who grew in him—

Behold! And lo
that no household
need be lonely—

for kindness is
now get this!—

Old rugged wrist
dehanded by
adolescent jack—

So sordid
no words could
think to fill it—

The cock
in pieces over
dusty proto-Bohemia—

Drowned Peter
church of slugs in
Black sea salt—

Dirge for Paul
capes, the rag
of child hookers—

Good old Matt
got chopped up
travels world—

& Jesus boy
loves raw dates
he will ooze from—

Luke dallies
in wild-fire
Rome built him—

Murr and hash
the gifts
wise critters leave—

Long haired mule
hot running fuel—

Jesus wept though
there the sun
reminded him—

Body of owl
feeding on
split thousands—

Body of fish
under pounds
of male hands—

The ache
of whaling black
people back—

Zero-headed Jesus
bald under
banyan tree—

Andrew knew
those boys
little too well?—

James, James
girls like
strong strong twins—

Thad the cad
dumped meat
by calling river—

Saturday it is
forty women
sleep under dome—

Hot sand no water
Kingdom of heaven
for wine—

Oh the heat
fresh hell
sons drink deep—

Father the Father
drinks gin
when it comes—

Watch out
canoes in sand
hide maneaters—

The noodle
founds it way
scent of ore—

Goliath you stud
supple beef stranded—

Apple atom-bomb
stemmed & fallen
sits Copernicus—

Learn ye in red
dogs multiply
the people wither—

I owe
your limbs to—

Foolish who?
Jesus cracked
wise doing yoga—

It is my
Bible in
my tongue vulgar—

Naked here
prostrate on stink
shining wood—

Somewhere the cold
grows tall
where my fire—

Burning houses
thatch like hair
on the pyre—

Mud and foot
matrimony sound
of sex at sea—

Our buildings
are oral first
thence philtrum—

Talk handless
he says
to charging lion—

Treat the meek
well when
you are too weak—

Entheogen the man
gardens like
he’s plowing souls—

What of you
Judas the feral
killer Jew?—

Insignia in
bottom ring
of the basement—

And a kiss
for Julie too
from killer Jew—

I wrote your
name in
spilled blood there—

Not sewage
takes such swine
as killer Judas—

Salesman of
our brittle cells

Back to caves
my friend
he says drifting—

I will close
your skull in
with heaving heart—

Good with days
that yours
might pawnbroke—

Oral gospel
“through mouth”
kush as Hindi—

King James the
what does
he act in?—

Titus here
gorilla wine
they will think!—

The Savior
stage-fright in
San Fransisco—

A fraction
of old me
invented chemistry—

We formed
skull breast
hip and phalange—

My first floor
of sand then
seven saltless oceans—

Even I am
before woman—

Half of her
on my hand
I tremble—

The little boy
dead at ten
me at thirty-three—

Blood in filigree
webs down
easy easy—

Mad hippie
smiles nodding
in agreement—

Yeah dude
girls are bad
for guys like you—

My dealer
high on wings
the goody two-shoes—

Jesus the man
walks in crouch
stammered by crowds—

They know not
what this shit
feels like—

If your cup
starts to sprint
better catch it—

And I
made the tongue
from trash—

The garbages
in their fat fire
speak the same—

Only language
I configure
deserves a name—

Like cartels
their plants
my planets—

Even your cheese
spurted out
my grunt machine—

Proverbs thirteen
I steal
from you undead—

I court virgins
bless baby heads
link the unwed—

Bushes and bags
church of
late Saturday—

Twenty women dead
husbands sons brothers
called Ahmed—

Did the dude
bring back
the future again?—

Aw relax
time moves
in a jutting sphere—

Write on stone
skin females
pile on all over—

Curdle the wax
in your ox
or feed me testimony—

If I concentrate
things explode
into livid flight—

gang wild in
the low city—

Early cocaine
with wood men hanged—

Sodom stands
over four men—

Virtues go:
stiff genital
the daisy chain—

Medicine man
on the corner
of Bethlehem—

Don’t you know
this is how
they congregate—

If war suits
just, fellow
take me out—

I’ll borrow
and his scepter—

White iron
white as
your burned eye—

with bone
with halo—

The wound
is bare of
wool and pity—

Breakfast of
champions given
to inner Crete—

I know
where you live
where to send—

Jesus bows
same pose
he dies in—

They bury
a blood cell

To see
to hold the dark

friends I beg
who kills me?—

Move mountains
over ten-foot
panhandler houses—

Move cloud
bellies split
like foreheads—

Stuff mouths
with goose-eggs
that erupt—

A temple
with a seedy

The stomach
is ignorant
of my army—

Our wells
are of water
of naphtha—

Mend each
battered corpse
by glancing straight—

Tell it
its first name
tell it hate—

You pissants
cut me
I lead legions—

Kill them
try it, try it

Yo good lord
lord my brothel
believe, says Ali—

He once spat
on a toe
of limping Christ—

Ali’s tissue
turned keloidal
on latent heist—

The Ghost
drives a Honda—

Hotel room 7
smoking please

lonesome while

Exchange rate
embezzled the guff
for sixty hard—

Cashless Jesus
hands in pockets
out-turned again—

Lend the man
the least
a dollar half—

Did you read
what happened
at his party?—

The world whole
dropped dead
flopped around fluids—

everyone’s grandmother
digs into sunlight—

A boy of four
next thousand years—

in the boy
like drying pond—

In the middle
of deserts
where footprints idle—

Well feet
they tell
of falling often—

God fell on
his sticky face
chunk of meteor—

Whatever sweet beggar
I read all this
in euphemism—

But hang downtown
at noon around
hear the sermon—

He plays jazz
He plays people
He knows not as they—

Sin so fine
the man Jesus
made it kind—

After all this time
he nods thrice
on the trinity line—

Winking out
of a pork barrel
in the sky—

No last number
he granted
the world is finite—

The clocks stop
the cane man Jesus
bids goodbye finished—


~ by Jeremy on April 6, 2011.

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