Lincoln’s post

Suck the skin off
my dick is what kids say.
I the alien living here
between left skull right skull
happy ear and graying nose
read about Whitman’s flowers
queer as him upturned and happy.
Ah. Gasp, and sigh like
fools coming—the fuck of
passing out in the body of idiots
that share with anyone.
The flowers, and Cadillacs
on cruises where no radios
wave on to the placenta
that cannot understand growing.
Well, Jack, old Jack you,
the mists are cataracts
and my balls went on strike,
would you take them
like a woman’s hair you hate,
and make it bald so bald
I feel as much as slugs do?
Just to say these kids
are unabashed hedonists—
to say the skin off
is not the skidoo neither
the taint of grinning
in a woman’s sweating breast—
oh the night that
children move a certain way—
what has happened?
or gone down?
or are the kids so happy
they cannot do the normal
brazen walk down what’s genteel,
or do they
the puppies of man
have a curse in their nagging brains
aging them how I age fast
and how darkly too?


~ by Jeremy on April 23, 2011.

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