The troopers

The caul of being young
destroys the bearer
of happy symbiosis—
dragging dead along bushes
as bushes watch your crime
and the toads eating insects—
the core of every planet
is sublime because
no one holds it close—
senile weather as men
bake their wives into babies
they salivate at—
retarded boys make fire
for the first time
since carnivores grinned—
the food of making love
leaves so many nutrients
we starve for eating—
and you listener
hear only the chaff
your friends leave thinking—
and the high of socializing
with apes
is no love to store—
drinking is a warm blanket
that gets tighter
the more comfortable—
all these bats I exude
my friends they know not
they have faces too—
flesh around eyelids
as a boy discovers
what others think on—
crooked and asleep
the priest of merry times
for merry people that die—
depressing a nerve
as two people interact
like warring mammals—
please remember
I am human
and I lived as one—
whether or not ever
I smiled or grunted
I was here and gone—
long gone like
forty thousand people
my cooking has fed—
that others in need
might sup the charity
from my breast—
not even woman
has fluid for the legion
I will gasp inspiring—
or the gutter
calls for me my place
right there and asleep—
forty years old
one day those days
I will probably sell back—
dead or near it
but alive and considering
what you think of my head—
a question:
am I part or whole
of the you I get to see?—
gazelles mate
as fast as you and I
can try—
the pill of forgetting
is what I call
breakfast with folks—
and nineteen years
cannot explain Yeats or
a sex drive—
having one or three
though is nice like
using it on you or them—
a gentleman
dressed in rags and cotton
asks first, may I—
to lie down
forever as atoms
in the clocks go around—
or the atoms
of everything touching
and so crowded here—
my neutrons
elevate when your charge
reverses gasping over me—
the sequence of nerves
that talk all to each other
amuses the hedonist—
dead again
in a chipper mood as
old hands go to play—
silent at the spree
genteel animals rub on
like cream this day—
and to end a friend
killing sobbing throbbing
by saying goodbye—
making one
hello there bum a smoke
is like pleasure concentrate—
did monkey ancestors
say brother to each other
how the limes do?—
ruined and tarred
feathers drop off
the ignorant gorilla—
his family
my family together
the trees droop—
greetings departures
the troop comes
in unison right now—
grinning fire on the lake
I stay by
all night homeless—
the rude murder
of noise makes me want
beans and candle-light—

~ by Jeremy on May 1, 2011.

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