All angry glutamine

-The dollar is a muzzle-

The scraping of china—
bark of murdering slim wolf
starved these few months—
eat but birds rodents dogs,
its kind removed like one string
the genes did not tell of—
RNA flowing like the idiot—
the idiot with fins we could
never grow, or attach, or swim with—
falsetto in the boy nutted—
rich and poor together like infestation
the world suffered—
no morals in the bank, any bank—
growing pains from the room
we ignore, for it is plague—
our comfort in the frontal lobe—
ignore that and see how you do—
interruptions in the yelp
we sowed—so rude the tallness—
boys girls retards geniuses—
sound similar, growing, groaning—
the yaw of bending birch—
and the belch of chicks—
police in the dawn like Hell
come early—billy club—
the breakfast of flying mouths—
not even in South America—
gangrene or heaven tell me tell us—
what’s going on?—going in?—
if not what out we tell
what in like pecker to puss—
uncles toothless as the baileen—
but straw for gums—but nothing—
tell of corners edging soft—
mischief for sex in the toddling—
robbed by them, the human puppies
that may die as they please—
I care not—faces replaced—
not to devise but to imagine
an ass-whooping hot enough—
hot enough to smack of brimstone
the cock rises to—cheering to reek—
adolescent drunk, adolescence senile—
all we can do—and Marvin Gaye
did naught with the babes nor
rest with the rest of us—
still babbling, still mumbling—
making a speech for our drives—
no better than—or the cougar
riling at idiots and men—
poor so poor the pot to feed from—
different—no different than
the things we bubbled out of—
brown blood strings from steaks—
pepper on our skin the parish rub—
growths of carbon out of apes


~ by Jeremy on May 18, 2011.

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