For the ride down

I got a robbery planned
that’ll involve a shootout.
Burn bum burn dumb.
It’s a gun in the tick tick,
no bomb, one finger, all metal.
A shootout to end each pump-tick.
Killer ride the down ride
where the shootout is inside.
They say through the heart,
the people with those intricate
things that tick and tick.
Make you say, Well,
that happens sometimes
and then it’s all a feeling
that the tick won’t stop.
Somehow wisdom enough.
The Hades begins in a pop
I feel all the way though.
Hangman and gallows know
the yelp going down
and down, further, no,
they hear it inside further,
further if you want to see
how dark it is that it’s blind
how the sun is.
Even that god has gone from me.
So, where is the eye and where
is the train headed to,
my head? It’s chewing strong teeth.
It’s a biting yeller
and has no cost, is free.
The train misunderstands sympathy.


~ by Jeremy on June 3, 2011.

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