I bit my teeth you have dared?

I bit my own teeth today.
They moved and I was afraid.
Let us then grab your cock
and swing it through the vines.
Fine, let me take you through.
Reader. Simple reader, simple writer.
Let’s fuck all things dead.
Music I enjoy, fuck it.
Talk I like, fuck it all dead.
I get to see you.
Only you, only I, see disconnect?
Retinas are sweet things
as they tell you
changing is changing,
you smirking roadblock.
Well I wish I removed you.
And my neurons too.
I can take them all
to the store and ask
are you ready to leave me?
Baby, my sweet, my goddamned sugar.
I hope I split you in half
the wrong way.
You know the genital way.
Before you read take a bath.
Liar then? You get to hate.
I get to beat you to death
so gasp as I gasp.
Love is your brain death.
I see, do so, reader, will you?
Nay, it is a reader,
not a thinker, let me feel
as I should if I am such a god
and make you bow in a grey cave.
You will all think and will think.


~ by Jeremy on June 4, 2011.

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