Knowing down as you and I

Drink whatever makes you less.
I think more. Not the X,
the person. Lungs and such
just exhale what you know,
it is discomfort to me.
And the fucking so?
Got a generation of babes
to get my back, tell me go.
Close the cupboards if
you have them, do confine.
Let me as you will
make your breath trail on.
I fucking know your brain.
Even how it says I don’t.
You have no house but
what you walk in.
Is that a house or
a satire of your life?
It would all be on fire.
Your very first thought
is fear, same as mine.
Well pastor of intellect
I get you as a human,
no thinker, no philistine,
nothing else, I see human.
Fear only this and no predator.
There’s no natural killer left.
Just me. And you, both.
The thinker underneath
if you feel and you won’t.
Come and kill and rape me.
If I turn bitch I lie.
In my last thought
I get to say what you are,
silly, angry, sure, and smart,
but I will call you cunt
knowing what we both are.
The very word “just” is
just same as our every lust.
Know it or die as you must.
I’ll die gasping, as you, the same.
Then get it baby, mine, killer.


~ by Jeremy on June 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “Knowing down as you and I”

  1. Interesting poem. What inspired this?

  2. Understanding what human psychology must do to comfort itself rather than give in to comfort, the fuck else you wanna know?

  3. What’s funny is your only reaction can be, “But I only wanted to say something nice.” I get you because I get me and Freud said when you have not shit left all you can do is neutralise the feeling and laugh.

    So laugh as you will, and you will.

  4. um well actually i am not laughing. your comment doesn’t surprise me not one bit. and i wasn’t trying to say anything nice. I asked a question which you asnswered. but blessed shall your day be.

  5. Whoa. Way too much vodka that day. Way, way too much.

  6. well that is good to know that you are not that rude … that it was the alcohol. I enjoyed the piece …

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