Sweet talking

Cherries. Berries. I fuck you.
Yours is a privilege thinker
to say, I only fuck myself
even as your sweeter self
is on top. Well, I lie?
Hey baby, tell yourself I lie?
If it takes calling you a cunt
then cunt. I still see.
I got similar eyeballs.
Instead of saying
I jerk off at night,
let me say then thinker
we all jerk off at night.
Therefore, reduce.
Use all your suction
the same way you suck cock
telling me I fear.
You and everyone fears.
Somehow teeth look the same.
I neutralise in the mock.
Leave it there then
before we spur on death
as you think alone at night
perfectly and rage for it.
I haven’t given much of a choice.
It’ll take a village to rejoice.
I am no killer
though I call you all killers.
What you call pure beauty
I call surefire beauty
and the word very is unjust.


~ by Jeremy on June 4, 2011.

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