The leak if you will

The first word was I. I bellow
like the crake if it is a crake.
And one eyebrow raises on a trellis.
It always has and my pinky is strong.
Expect me to know, or numb your face,
you reader, you quiet guide you.
The face. I bet you see me and know so.
Knowing was never complex. To think
is the merit foolish bards have drunk.
I bet you so. These days words are
the elation of youngsters, me.
I’ll have you know I think the days dead.
Nod and nod and nod your head,
nod and nod and know so.
They destroy for good the juveniles.
Your offspring speak similar while
you can only nod that nodding head.
If you think otherwise I have
spoken true and here’s yours:
I will die if I continue
and you will too twitch for it.
You everyone erect grandiloquent.
Rebel at what is simple and thrash
my fellow ignorant trasher you.
I have never not once had class.
Not the lying there if you nod
to things twitching alive like yourself.
Animated. I will name it moving
like any other entropic nod.
You are a fellow. I agree lying.
Here is introspection. An obvious balk.
You have thought the worst thing
about art is the artists, I the same.
If you bother for this you’re all talk.


~ by Jeremy on June 10, 2011.

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