The simians making blueprints

Hey bossman. An idea if it fits.
Before we put this whole I
thing together, let’s polish off its limbs.
Each one a spear. Rounded edges.
Crisp as smacking lumber.
Don’t forget the genitals,
they’ll be all he has later on.
Now the torso. Make sure he
shapes it for his teenage years
just the right way, or he’ll stare
like all he ever wanted was fuel
and a blowtorch. Ten percent acne
since you’re shorting him an inch.
What receipt? You mean the ditch
they’ll bury him in
thirty years from now for
asking for that? A little slip in?
By then they’ll be asking for more
what with China’s belly fat.
By then he’ll have worn away his limbs.
By then he’ll be in the bargain bin.


~ by Jeremy on November 22, 2011.

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