A divorce; no legalese

I hold in my gut
and haven’t thought much
of your loving lately.
I’m going to be honest,
that girl I bought
a teddy bear for, I got
her number when she
turned sweet sixteen
then got her pregnant.
I told her in between
this season and next
I’d drive her to Maine
where the doctors
don’t ask your name
before the surgery blade
makes a girl’s insides
look like chuck steak.
She went along for the ride.
And I’ll tell you what else.
My blonde cousin overheard
you laughing at how
we look nothing alike
how we hold hands and smirk
how well we’d work
as a photographer’s couple.
I’d go into details
how I taught her to bark
and glide like squirrels
their knees behind their ears.
But I am a Christian man.
I’ll tell you instead why
I didn’t pay a lawyer
in cash. I took pictures
of your stud on the sly.
I went along for the ride.


~ by Jeremy on November 28, 2011.

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