Convicts and their killer ways to travel

Congregating as the bluebird
disappears piecemeal
in the thorax hoard
of a queen’s ant hill
nearby and underfoot
we felons question
the gains of our
felonies like flying
things that made
the fatal mistake
of landing on
a heaving colony
to rest for an hour
when a little ways away
a flock by the river
knelt down to pray
to the forgiveness giver
for human grace.
Unlawful assemblies
us delinquent low-lifes
with only wood flies
for company and ants
to lie down on
when the law warns
we’ve made our bed
and deserve no mercy
we’re better off dead
in an antbelly swarm
than dragged away
hooked and chained
cooked then served
our organs warm
maimed and murdered
and delivered whole
to the electric throne.

~ by Jeremy on November 28, 2011.

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