Now that the callosum is used and gone

Let us then know what is may not concur
with this fat-bellied corpse that struts
between our left ear and our bullied right.
Oh, how we abuse ourselves and the kids we were.
How we cut our fingers off with our mouths.
How we are beside and ignorant of it.
How we inherit our bodies and destroy them,
unlike heavenly things which make and mutate
and do not wish their own typical deaths.
Normal is a fine inspiration, you kids.
How we want the quiet and want it gone, too.
Let us reflect on how valid all things are
which make grief run along our insides
like derbies, lonely derbies, forgetful of our mothers
who worked away twenty years of themselves
for our sakes, and did not wish us like this:
all intelligent, all posing like infants,
neglecting every cell more artful than algebra.
The last thing you fellows want to see
is your thumbs bitten down or your ganglia showing.


~ by Jeremy on March 10, 2012.

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