Irradiating IQ

Let us discover the idiot in every body
that bobbled first on its floating head.
Lessons: the natural habitat is an egg-shaped
bolus a foreign entity somehow sapped and grew on,
breathed without breath, and did not choke once.
It had no language but was ignorant of nothing.
This is idiocy how we aspire its being.
In a house of lulling. Eyes forward and back.
The legless track from fluid to frothing.
Then smack! A towering glowering voodoo doctor.
His hand was the first devil anyone knew.
The idiot in this man is his child, of course,
or rather we’ll call it his two-dollar cutting.
His doll he glued his face and genes on.
His idiot is living, never thriving. A botany.
The corruption of his ganglia as they spill over.
What is his worth but his system’s knowing?
Fluid to frothing. God got into the morphine.
Aren’t we typical. The new sweet idiocy.
Drinks on me, where the brain wandered off.
Old guard has gone, has swooned and fawned.
Its sallow floating head was bombed.

~ by Jeremy on March 19, 2012.

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