The gobbling epistle

Wilding growths they imitate music imitate the hearth.
A sampling of a boy’s body limits sampling of body earth.
Green hell is this said the picture block amid sand.
Head’s mouth here I am rich I am unwatered widemouthed.
Wedges here like the elbow that made them bent over a lap.
If she eats her dogs turn into crouching tan toddlers.
The lady fell into her dress fell into her husband’s hand.
Druggy boy must swim into its cortex until it has unwound.
Natural mathematics in the eyeball’s only pelted nerve.
What assaults as these the younger years outside three times.
It has been outside three times it is white as Titan.
The standing stood for smiles until it purchased them.
Darrow and yet God’s office the thousands far off gone.
It has stood like the center of the Earth, and for less.
The crooked gentleman’s hurry to kick his body nowhere?
Little dogs haul up for attention like twenty year olds.
They pray around a man’s wrist who turns up too much rum.
The blonde kid victim of bald-assed puberty’s gun.
Ugly as his mouth and the half-sung songs therefrom.
Wilding growths they halt their insides for the other.
No father but the man who tells his genitals he’s bossy.
End of the line says the conductor, your cells are bothered.
Assays of the hurdled thing you find your boys and halves on.
In the middle of nowhere is the place for all species.
The question is the speed, whether miles or goosefeet.
Bullied left ear and oversexed right taught what shame is.
Poor curve of formulaic skin cell that thought its form out.
It branched toward sound and found it was foolery.
Before birth, the thinking, after birth, the regrets.
Silly sulking reptile of a people discovered merchants.
What magical people as the sellers of unmagical people.
Hail ignorance the fat-bellied home of hoarded papyrus.
And oh humming lonesome yellow skinned dead folks are us.
Wilding growths they never learned to count their kin.
A spirula that launched anywhere but here nowhere but here.
Founded a colony of bored two-tailed two-eyed floating mollusks.
Never invented mutually arguing squalling opposite flesh.
Landed on a lazy artist attached to a tobacco root stalk.
Underneath the dirt plain eroded as his Eastern forehead.
Wrote a picture block young skinny bald primates hawked.
They built their odd guilty buildings door to door.
The wry and mean string of gene fragments not asked for.
White peeling face peered toward its similar leaving brothers.
A lucky thirtieth of a tenth of a thirty-tenth smirk disorder.


~ by Jeremy on March 24, 2012.

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