Self-populating documents

Somewhere in between let us pinpoint let us
dissect an intersection of elements here.
Stumbled voiceless into an asylum chanted
this is a school in once fell face-first in
the pale mud of an Indian reservation.
They stared like barn owls. The yapping
of police blurred the drums and soaked
in a caul of firewater how did we endlessly
have heartbeats that oddest inner tune.
The dry face of a sleepless fool it spun
a narrative of neurochemicals in conflict.
Knowing without doing how Havelock must
have pitied his neighbors their business.

An intersection of elements the elements
wrote in a sly language of wrinkles wedges
and bacillae pits the firmest story on
bodies born out of the enormity of zero.
Observe the documents how they interact.
How they toil and eat and condescend to cease
the argument of their spines against entropy.
How they are happiest before they the keepers
of all gasping memory survive for shortly
a glamour of time. Before they mime the animals
in dim competency their feeble hunger dictates.
Before they foam and salivate like Skinner’s orphans
raging in a limit of bodily tissue. And before
they learn a militant lunacy of thinking more
they read each like a stammering masterpiece.


~ by Jeremy on April 13, 2012.

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