Willpower a dollar ninety-nine

An infant whispered this in pidgin.
With the muscle intact and a brain
not yet dusted out and drained, I,
foolish little me, offer a proof
of heritage and primate authenticity.
A young man he’ll wheel around maybe
or sink in his own makings like sloths
lost a toe or maybe he’ll think his
woman’s secret home is his home, too.
And his one man parade slinks off deep
ends while his friends done similar laugh.
Baffled and a shotgun to his body,
which part it doesn’t matter, tender him
he’ll put his head on his wheel and ask it
curbstomped, or taxed to death if he’s wise.
His woman boyish her will treat her insides well
or will as likely not, will say of her man’s tiny ghost
blubbery in death and him just blabbering say
what vast thing are those vitamins supposed to do?


~ by Jeremy on May 22, 2012.

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