Lesson for the solitary

Tips for you or anyone who poor them never knew
nodding on folk medicine their spines all mystic
like delving through the cornea into many proverbs

in the pineal gland, and tips I only have two. One,
don’t get married and call monsters ladies or
ladies monsters because women were compiled for

the tedium of six thousand years until man lucky
him invented a row of test-tubes clear of serpents.
What they carry above their ribs others more masculine

carry on their legs always the better to run with.
Roadrunners in estrous their eggs in a pornography.
And odd ones we hear with backward ears the families

at once at loss for all those calories, at once pleased
that black sheep run for miles before petering out.
Two, make sure the settled man you shack with is stout.

He might whine as the whine of being will do but
it’s plenty cool out there, for those without defense,
plenty cool like the staring bulldozer folks felt

plowing the ground their homes or hearts stood on
in these times all comic and headless, plenty headless.



~ by Jeremy on May 23, 2012.

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