Medicine for ruminating

Poor Caligula paranoid him he got
into the Drano, again. He thought
devils and dead women spoke to him.
What did that boy with a baby’s liver
say, the only way to cure an addict
is to put in a new brain. Counterpoint.
Life-addicts, they’ll waste all
the infinite afterlife chasing aspirin
dragons—and the sanity addicts,
they’re the worst. A dream is but
a break from a longer dream whether
born in California or the Congo.
If these walls could speak, best believe
they would speak in ambience ignored.
Caligula had another clever idea. He
employed his whole country in whoring,
warring, and the business of bleeding
never saw a finer market. Caligula
is the ancient equivalent of dysregulation,
terminal, of the nervous system
that today I think makes us think
that spilled milk was a Roman charity
when it was only robbed from ruminants.


~ by Jeremy on May 27, 2012.

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