Dumb doctor him he whistled

It can’t be this. Copper mouthed me I’ll give it
names all too plenty my brains too fueled
on a lily-wilted electricity, and you haired
red sad and fat lovely you or any sort regular,
I’ll give a body for dissection. Do halves, do you.
Life in war is cheap is what I learned learning
little but what the body does itself against you,
to no one in particular. The grammar is ignorant,
sweet honey you, who never snuck her tongue
in an insect Marx him gone insane and productive.
Lord, love never yawned in here. Love done gone
naked and swelled brown for a mean naked body
that cut plenty a neck for good food it called it,
never sought a hand on its belly where the old
genes them maniacs used to call it true for
rings around the muscled belly, the little lords them
nervous at a proper abdomen ringing at the head.

~ by Jeremy on June 2, 2012.

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