A whore at heart flees to heaven

Or: A stupid genealogy

Don’t start! I start, a poor engine me.
Watching modern movies from the 1950s,
them heroin shooters mere caricatures
of schoolboys who faint at a rib cage
poor Adam him never blinked bleary-eyed at,
convinces me I’ve got to raid a high school.
I silly and many-eyed me happen to look sixteen
but have the experience of a forty year old junkie
well-acquainted with his hand. All musicians
squint angry at my hard earned familiarity
with drunkenness Hades pleads proper,
at fitting my mouth over wind instruments.


I apologise for how ___ this piece is, but I believe since the bang every action of every animal is predestined…


~ by Jeremy on June 5, 2012.

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