Weight of gay sciences

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, to undo a trinity
poor God squatted on in his many misdemeanors.

A bit about me: I was a select in the Roman army
before they did away with forthright honesty,

in the grips of our forebears nary of us claim.
What their goal was I don’t know what was their aim.

I was a salt-eater, cleaning the dead of other dead,
come to sit spread eagle on them. I burned in Tripoli.

Enough about me, a turner of mirrors to other mirrors
that tell of more hunger weeping than an infinite story

of infinite children thrust to the brink of antique misery.
Huh? Gasping, weeping, and lordly says a theologian

wiping his feet clean of us, our odd two percent species
that succors in corners and preaches wide-eyed in hiding.


~ by Jeremy on June 5, 2012.

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