The binary libido

Any addict has a sole purpose, a sole defeat:
enough or not enough to keep the accumbens beholden.
And that is no different from our place in the taxa.
Switch on, erect, a manumission of the brain
for once. An unpoetic beacon miserly though it is.
And since the animals we eat have no inhibition,
neither should our neuroses. We should worry
if the window we’re killing ourselves by
will shower us with plutonium, not a stretch line.
A flexible digestive tract and perverse is
not giving in, never giving in to the bobbing
Adam’s apple, or the mound of Venus, whatever taste.
What a twelve step waste: spend twelve steps wooing
so you may grow old and call it nervous fucking
how the handsome dogs and wildebeests do.


At this point, I’m laughing at myself.


~ by Jeremy on June 13, 2012.

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