How to bear eyerolling in the first world

Or: Plain words for plain whites

You will know the face of these words after you read their genesis.
Oh, America. Long live you, you long-lived whore fat on prejudice.
People become toddlers under their own nerves. Five eggs to
a mouth, McMansion, dole, churches, and nary any sight of
the well to do. Burroughs could scrawl over this wanting
a revolution put in its place, knowing bowels for what they are.
I’ll present you with an image. You swipe a card bearing the flag
of happy America, you buy a little food to take back to all you rent,
the same food that might feed the project kids you nearly attended school
with, just nearly, you hear about the role of churches, you hear about your own
whitebread worth, you hear about how the poor exist to rob the rich or the well to do
of everything they own or brought up bigots for, you hear about a fat
symptomology that ever told of green heads, so green they grow,
and you hear about the crucifix and the eating habits of the Congo.
As if hunting river fish naked is hunting little men.


~ by Jeremy on June 30, 2012.

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