A vision for a dimming sun proceeds thus:

…supranational societies where groups are not nouns but mathematical equations. The need for belief, as old as sodomy, is delivered by virtue of government-mandated songs, or recitations, in the manner of Allah’s word; the songs are programmed by epigenetic-logarithmic computers designed to fulfill the local populations’ belief hunger; they are faultless and precise in their neuroscience and are fine-tuned by an averaging of electrodal measurements. The notion of morality will be fostered by government-mandated solitude for six hours every day in complete sensory deprivation. As Aldous Huxley said, man is a gregarious animal, but not a social animal in the vein of ants and bees and zealots. Totemism, previously exhibited in revelation and psychotherapy and racial ideology and nationalism, will take the form of meaningless chants which correspond to Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Literature will cease to divide fact and fiction, for fact and fiction are arbitrary in a world governed by music.

The old monotheisms, which were simply birth-control ideologies, will be eradicated in the manner of Marxist purges; however, to fill the void of belief hunger, one out of every one-hundred children will be taken at birth and raised in a musical-military school, where they will learn metaphysics, psychological warfare, and throat-chanting. These child soldiers will wield their voices in parades and broadcasts every hour. Each Messiah will meet with five other regional Messiahs in order to compromise any dissidence or discord.

Sexuality will be strictly mandated. However, these mandates will vary locally depending on access to food and other materials. Heterosexual activity in an arid or otherwise deprived land-area will be punished by castration. Homosexual activity in a land-area rich in materials will be punished by castration. Sexual festivals in the manner of the old polytheisms will be held during different times of the year, during which the genital laws will lapse.

In the manner of the Latinate priesthood of the medieval era, only select individuals will be taught musical theory, in that the immusicate and innumerate and illiterate local populations do not comprehend how sectarian their octavisms are, and how the art of mankind was once free to all.


No manifesto is complete without a contingency plan for the inevitable radicals and anarchists which will come about. The sensual nature of this governance is prone to individual reproach of the collectivist ethic.

How would a musical anarchist practice a revolution? How does one do that? How does one steal music? Only a select few would know how to read music, mind.

Perhaps the people would pass each other notes using their fingers; they will express sexual activity in certain coded movements representing the various musical notes in sequence; perhaps they will be coded in such a way as to be cryptic, resulting in a new Kama Sutra. The ancient superstition of gathering the existence of supernatural beings from the sounds of the wind will be at play in a society which does not value rationalism and may assume a malignant form.

And there is the problem of political discourse. The people aren’t necessarily uneducated, but their paradigms are purely babbled music and their introspection comes not from reading but from meditating on the music that is projected to them. The intellect is dulled while the emotions are rallied, much like in the pre-modern religions.

Punishment for heresy is death, of course, preceded by a burning of the ears and much cacophonous gossip while nude.

Monthly revivals held at night-time might be mandatory. The people will be exhausted and therefore more susceptible to suggestion. Also, there is the effect that hearing music as their paradigm might educate them unwittingly about mathematics, and the schizophrenics within the population might hold incredible value to a radical movement.

There is also the problem of speech pathology. These in-born defects might alter the effect of solidarity in the fine-tuned logarithms.

And there is the problem of universal grammar. No amount of priming will eradicate this phenomenon without the use of brain damaging drugs. It is possible people will spontaneously begin babbling in the manner of Pentecostals; there is much evidence that this phenomenon holds innate meaning despite how alien it might sound to normalised language speakers. Such an unpredictable phenomenon might be liberally spread over the population, thus forming splinter-cell-like bases of anti-dogmatic thought. Studying the epigenetics of this phenomenon might prove useful.

A question of much import is: is this society a monoglot Babylon or a polyglot Babel?


~ by Jeremy on August 4, 2012.

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  1. Well. This is clearly not a poem.

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