The postfact rubric

Eugermanic materialist antitheist leftist leaning
statist praising mysogonist sodomite therapist druggie.
Mongrolised spiritualist cadaver catering anarcho-communist
pansexual jazz pianist finger flipping psyhic druggie.
Sexually efficient and emotionally destructive poor trash.
Homeless cynic guru to the cultless literate bowing asses.
Aparadigmatic illogical pedagogue maiming glossolalia.
Fatalist humanist supranationalist human race supremacist.
The deep ecologist throwing virgins to Mount St. Helen.
State-run nurseries and interspecies organ transplants.
Every child a soldier each given according to his needs.
Ayn Rand turns to drinking ether and dies on a sidewalk.
The naive intellect–stuttering a little–a schism
between the neocortex and the delude in the middle,

says dopeheads sharing rice and roughy squatting in the road


~ by Jeremy on August 4, 2012.

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