Fragments found in a book, New New Athens

The old, ancient-minded New English gentry who devised capitalism out of their decomposing superstition…

…they neglected precisely the half of the Renaissance which proposed intellectual freedom and clung to the half which prospered materially…

…in this way the intellectual cuckoldry of hardy prudes provided the basis, whether by Harvard or by slavery, for our American despair: the materially-rich son-of-no-one who does not himself know anything about himself. Wealth, he thinks, is the face he sees in the mirror–transient, incorporeal. Or he strokes the face of God and mistakes it for his local parish priest and the politician behind him lowing hosannas and whatever form of blood libel is in vogue. He can conceive of the Ascension but cannot conceive of a minority status. He can chop a tree into fine forms but cannot shave it into a guitar.

He is little better than Freud’s pet lunatic who thought himself the sole recipient of God’s grace and privy to an armageddon: it is he whose nerves are counted, it is he who was the son of God asked to become the daughter.

What apathy nuisances these times…

…that a man does not know what he will look like at fifty but knows His Business now…


~ by Jeremy on October 4, 2012.

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