Say see, hear ha, or the oil spool

Hear. Hellfire ain’t hellfire, no means for it by any
I ever heard of or felt of or was proxy to sweetly
as my woman told of its utter fabrication.

Hell ain’t fire, no how. Hellfire is plenty present
on God’s great and verdant earth, anyhow, and now
that dark husk on 15th testifies with baby screams

that bathed in kerosene their crazy bitch mama had.
Hell ain’t goats or cleft anything, anyhow. Hell,
I got a couple clefts where the good lord split me.

Hell ain’t much but a good jerk-off in the sea of Galilee.
You take the pitch and fork your legs is my advice
I gave to a hag who used to fondle Galahad. See.


~ by Jeremy on October 13, 2012.

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