The ten semantics

Don’t have no totems in your head
but me. Don’t not go to the mired grave
without me. Don’t put that name
in your mouth without not tasting it
before me. Sit on your ass
come the day for not sitting on it,
by me. Don’t stoke your immunities,
nor not eat raw beef without me.
Don’t stroke, neither alone
or two-handedly lest we are three.
Don’t hesitate, don’t not go
clothed so that you mayn’t pretend me.
Don’t go over there nightly
unless I haven’t stole your face to wear
on me. Don’t straighten out
the face I glued to the flat of me.
Don’t hoist my do nots about you
as if you did not instruct them,
you devil.


~ by Jeremy on November 15, 2012.

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