Adam’s diet

Very poor was Adam’s diet.
Then, too bad we tried it!
And neurotic was his Eden
that bade his body heathen.

The feasting of his pleasures
did make morose posterity
given overmuch to leisure
and overfond of heresy.

What gloom can issue more
than from his wretching belly
that found all of Eden’s store
rather scarce and Hellish.

Great Miser, said sensual Adam,
you do not feed my madam
quite enough to prime her,
nor enough to satisfy her!

Replied this Miser, Your kin
deserves the dust of your making,
not a diet of fruit therein
that I hid to taunt your slaking.

Your suffering is my greatest hobby,
your creation my humblest experiment—
for I made your bones of wearing body,
thus: misery in your every experience!


~ by Jeremy on December 5, 2012.

One Response to “Adam’s diet”

  1. Compare with “Adam Cast Forth,” by JL Borges.

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